Sep 22 2020

Temporary Hair Color That’s Actually Good For You

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milk_shake color whipped cream

Let’s just face it, at-home hair color is terrifying. Choosing the right shade induces enough anxiety on its own without before you even begin to worry about the potential for damage or what “6N” even means. How do you know that you’re choosing the right one? The fact is, you probably don’t. Creating the perfect custom color is more than squirting a few tubes into a bowl and making sure you get it all over.

Crafting an individual formulation that highlights and accentuates the wearer’s natural beauty is an incredibly precise, technical blend of art and science. Put another way, chemical hair color is something best left in the hands of skilled professionals, well-trained in the art of lift levels and tonal variations.

That being said, we can’t all get to our colorist as often as we’d like. From time to time, we may be a little tempted to touch up at home, or even try something completely different for a day or two. Enter, milk_shake Colour Whipped Cream. These tiny temporary color powerhouses enhance tones in wide range of hair colors without any big commitments or possible damage. As a matter of fact, these lighter-than-air leave-ins deliver mega-hydration and serious shine in addition to a jolt of color.

From the brightest of blondes, to the darkest brunette, the original lineup of milk_shake colour whipped cream has a little something for everyone. Recently, we introduced all-new pastel and grey shades as a way to sneak in a little more fun in between salon appointments and provide you with a low-key way to “try-on” a new look. Below, we will answer some questions you may have about this highly unique product including what it is, how it will look on your hair, and how to use it effectively.

What Kind of Hair Dye Is This?

Milk_shake colour whipped creams are a temporary hair dye that come ready-mixed into a decadent, moisturizing foam. Depending on your starting hair color, each of the twelve shades will have a different end result. No matter which color you choose, your hair will look and feel healthier and more hydrated after you apply. How long the results last will depending on your hair’s starting color and porosity, but the typical lifespan is 1-2 shampoos.

How Will They Look?

The most dramatic results will be seen on Those with platinum to very light blonde as either a starting all over color or highlights. Here, we will cover the expected results (when used on very light hair) starting with the five latest additions to the colour whipped cream family:

color whipped cream/light pink: a sweet pastel rose color

/light blue: a soft teal reminiscent of a certain iconic box that typically contains expensive jewelry.

/rose brown: a bronzed pinkish tone

/light grey: a true metallic steel ash grey tone.*

/intense grey: a dark metallic, medium ash, cool grey*

*Looking to add a little extra drama to your “wisdom highlights”? Naturally light grey and white hair will see a shiny metallic effect with both the /light grey and /intense grey colour whipped creams.

If you have very light hair but aren’t quite ready to hop on the pastel or metallic hair bandwagon, there are a few more natural looking options to enhance your current color.

For Light Blonde-Very Light Blonde/Platinum

/beige blond: a cool, neutral blonde tone.

/golden blonde: a warm, buttery blonde

Those of us without the lightest of tresses can still enjoy a subtle transformation of our very own. Colour whipped creams can be used to refresh colour between salon visits and even impart some subtle tonal effects.

For Light-Dark Brown & Dark-Medium or Strawberry Blonde

/copper: a bright reddish-brown shade with hints of chestnut

/light red: a versatile red that works to enhance natural and previously colored tones

/cold brunette: a cool neutral brown shade.

/warm brunette: a warm brown with hints of rich chocolate.

For Medium Brown- Dark Blonde

/violet: a dynamic color with deep purple tones.

How Do I Use Them?

Step 1. Start with clean, towel-dried hair. Shake the can vigorously and flip it over.

Step 2. With the nozzle pointing straight down, press down on the button (exactly as if you were topping your favorite dessert) and dispense straight into your hands.

*NOTE: Protective gloves should be worn to prevent staining.

Step 3. Apply the colour whipped cream directly to the desired section of hair, making sure cover evenly.

Step 4. When you’ve covered the desired sections, simply style, blow-dry and go! Your colour whipped cream color will typically last through your next one to two shampoos.

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Oct 15 2014

milk_shake goes PINK

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milk_shake invites you to join our effort to provide mammograms to woman in need, a goal made possible through our partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We are joining the fight by donating $15 000 to support breast cancer research, treatment and education. NBCF is one of the most recognized and respected breast cancer charities in the world and has received the highest 4-star rating by Charity Navigator, America’s premier charity evaluator.

10410612_277126245827572_5433663212458307676_nLet’s go PINK together! Treat your hair with three milk_shake bestselling product while supporting the fight against breast cancer.

This year we are releasing limited edition leave in conditioner, whipped cream and incredible milk in pink bottles. As well offering a special price on these items to reach as many customers as we can with this promotion.


We would like to thank you every salon that has purchased milk_shake Go Pink products. Your support means so much to us. If you would like to learn more on the charity please visit 

We believe in a world without breast cancer and we can STOP it together!

Nov 15 2012

Keep your hair color from fading

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Keep your hair color from fading

A common issue among people who color their hair is fading of the color tone.  The list of tricks they try to prevent it from happening includes everything from wearing scarves to cold water washing and more. There are however better ways to keep your hair color from fading. The key lies in understanding the nature of hair and its color.

The structure of a hair can be described as a tube-like fiber that has a cuticle layer covering its surface much like scales on a fish.  The best way to keep color in your hair is to treat it correctly. Different pH levels can open or close the cuticle layer of the hair.  The higher the pH, the higher the cuticle lifts; the lower the pH, the tighter it closes the cuticle.  Your body’s natural acid mantle is 4.5 to 5.5; therefore anything below this level is considered a low pH, anything above – high pH.  In addition, tightly closed cuticle locks in your hair color thus keeping it from fading.

Let us look at some ways we can keep that cuticle closed.

#1 The right shampoo and conditioner

Low pH shampoo and conditioner.  It is very important to use a shampoo and conditioner that is “color safe”. Such shampoos and conditioners are typically low in pH levels and they contain quality ingredients which work less as a detergent and more as a gentle cleanser.  A great example is Milk_Shake® Color Maintainer Shampoo and Color Maintainer Conditioner.  Both contain low pH in the range of 4 to 4.5 which is the low side of your natural acid mantle.  Moreover, the rest of Milk_Shake® Shampoos and Conditioners are also color safe and have low pH levels.

#2 Leave in conditioner

A good leave-in conditioner with low pH is also a must.  The surprising reason for this is water which is the last thing hair is exposed to after shampooing.  Average tap water carries a pH of 7, no matter what temperature it is.  Even after using a low pH shampoo, this raises the cuticle layer again and the hair color is not as protected and can become compromised.  A low pH leave-in conditioner will close the cuticle again protecting the hair color.  Milk_Shake® Leave-in Conditioner Spray has a pH of 3.5 and Milk_Shake® Whipped Cream leave-in conditioner has a ph of 4.0.   In addition, milk_shake Incredible Milk (a leave-in spray mask) has a 4 pH.  All three of these products are great ways to keep the cuticle closed and protect the hair color.

#3 Sun protection

While sun has many positive and healing characteristics, it can also be damaging to our hair and its color. Some hair products contain organic elements which have natural sun filtering characteristics.  Great examples of these are Milk_Shake® Lifestyling or NO INHIBITION styling products. Both lines contain natural sun filters and are enhanced with anti-oxidants that also help fight the harmful effects of free radicals that degrade hair color.