Jul 05 2015

7 tips for healthy and gorgeous summer hair

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milk_shake summer hair

With the summer party and beach season just around the corner, now is the time to start prepping your hair so that it stays healthy, shiny and radiant. Just as the sun damages your skin, it can damage your hair, too. Saltwater and chlorine also take a toll on our tresses.

But summer doesn’t have to be the season of bad hair days. Learn how to protect your hair from the heat, sun, and humidity without turning it into an endless battle. We’re sharing some tips and tricks that will help keep your strands in top shape through beach, pool, and sun.

milkshake summer hair


Tip #1: Protection

Your skin isn’t the only part of your body that needs a sun protection. Your strands are susceptible to sun damage, too. Exposure to damaging UV rays causes hair to become brittle, break easily, and leaves it dehydrated and unmanageable. The solution? Hair sunscreen. Make a daily habit of applying a hair care product that contains UV filters like Incredible Milk or Leave In Conditioner. These products protect hair from sun damage and help keep color-processed hair from fading.

Tip #2: The Pre-Chlorine Rinse

The sun isn’t the only thing that can leave your hair dry and brittle – chlorine is to blame in dried-out strands, too. Solution: before taking a dip in a pool, rinse your hair with non-chlorine water, first. Your hair follicle will open and soak up this water, rather than the chlorine-filled water you’re about to submerge yourself in. For a maximum protection spray your hair with Incredible Milk or Leave In Conditioner before getting into pool.

Tip #3: The Post-Chlorine Rinse

Whether it be after a nice dip in the pool or a long day at the beach, it’s a good idea to wash your hair right after exposure. Chlorine builds up on the hair and leaves a discoloring green film, and this isn’t a blonde-only problem, although the buildup is more obvious on light-colored locks. Use Deep Cleansing Shampoo which has residue-removing properties. Just be sure to follow with a deep-conditioning treatment like Milk Mask suitable for dry and damaged hair or Yogurt Mask for normal or color treated hair.

Tip #4: Moisturize

Invest in a good shampoo! Summer is the right season to switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Just as your body needs water to survive, your hair must replenish its moisture to stay healthy. Try Color Maintainer shampoo and conditioner to keep your locks shiny and healthy and protect your color from fading. For cooling effect try Sensorial Mint shampoo and conditioner that soothes the scalp and conditions the hair after a long day in the sun.

Tip #5: Reduce the heat

Try to blow-dry your hair as little as possible. It is already exposed to a significant amount of heat on a daily basis in the summer, and it will probably air-dry quickly anyways, so give the blow dryer a break and go au naturel if you can. Avoid flat irons, too, as they will do further damage to already-dry hair.

Tip #6: Nurture and Repair

To replenish moisture to sun-damaged strands, use deep conditioning masks at least once a week. Try Integrity Intensive Treatment with organic Muru Muru butter to deeply nourish the hair and eliminate frizz. It seals the cuticle and gives softness, shine and detangles the hair whilst preserving the integrity of hair color. Oils are also essential to smooth and repair locks and can be applied to wet or dry hair, try Argan Oil or Smoothing Maracuja Oil to give your hair extra hydration and healthy shine.

Tip #7: Fight Frizz

Just because your locks have a tendency to turn fuzzy and fly away in the heat, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a good hair day. Begin the war by starting in the shower. Argan Shampoo and Treatment with organic argan oil, silk and rice proteins will hydrate, condition and nourish your hair, eliminating the frizz. Apply Glistening Milk on damp hair to seal the cuticle and keep hair lying flat before you start with styling. As soon as your hair begins to dry, the frizz begins to form. Glistening Serum will be your best friend, because it has a blend of silicones, which coat your hair and repel frizz-causing moisture. This double-duty product act as a frizz preventative on damp hair or a frizz treatment on dry hair (or apply it for both, if you’re dealing with a serious humidity situation).

Apr 14 2015

Benefits of milk protein for your hair

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milk protein for hair

What is milk protein?

Milk Protein is one of the most nutrient rich proteins due to its complete amino acid content. It offers anti-irritant and protective properties unmatched by any other protein. You’ll notice increased manageability and body of the hair along with increased hydration and elasticity. Just like all the other proteins, milk protein carries restructuring and healing properties, but along with these benefits you will get them in an optimal balance serving as building blocks for improved utilization of hair care products.

How do I know if my hair needs protein?

There is a simple test to find out if your hair lacks protein. Wet your hair, grab about an inch of your hair between your fingers. Based on how your hair reacts to stretching, determines whether your hair needs moisture or protein. You hair needs moisture if it doesn’t stretch at all and breaks easily, or if it feels extremely rough and brittle. You hair needs protein if it stretches a long way and then breaks (or doesn’t break at all), or if it is limp and feels gummy. If your hair stretches just a little, then returns to its normal length without breaking, the amount of protein and moisture in your hair is well balanced.

How can milk protein benefit my hair?

If your hair is lacking body, moisture, resilience, shine, length, or gloss, milk proteins might just be what it is missing. There are two main types of protein in milk: casein and whey; both of which can benefit your hair. A diet low in protein may cause hair to thin or go into a dormant stage and stop growing. Healthy hair is a direct result of a healthy body; and a nutritious diet which includes milk proteins may result in thick, shiny hair.

milk proteins for hairProteins and lipids in milk work to strengthen hair, while the calcium promotes hair growth and aids in preventing hair loss. Milk also contains other hair-friendly nutrients like Vitamins A, B6, biotin and potassium, all of which work to keep hair soft and shiny.

Protein is considered one of the building blocks of hair since the hair itself is naturally made of protein. Lack of protein would normally cause thinning of hair or a disruption in the normal hair growth cycle. Another element of hair composition aside from protein is keratin. To be able to produce keratin, it is important that body has a sufficient calcium intake. Since calcium is widely present in milk, among the other benefits already discussed this nutrient would stimulate production of keratin and ultimately – hair growth process.

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Mar 30 2015

Organic Mint for beautiful hair

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milkshake sensorial mint

There are few things as fresh and promising as a change in the seasons. It’s a time to shed the cold, wet days of winter and look ahead to sunshine and outdoor activities with friends. It’s also the perfect time to rethink your look and beauty routine. The dry air of winter calls for heavy moisture and repair, but with the coming of warmer weather you can start to lighten up the load on your stressed strands.

milk shake sensorial mint shampoomilk shake sensorial mint conditionerSwitching to milk_shake Sensorial Mint is the perfect way to ease your hair into the changing seasons. Hard-working milk proteins are highlighted by sage extract to continue to replenish and deeply condition, while purifying and providing a stimulant for growth. These deeply penetrating ingredients are further amplified by the stimulating and purifying attributes of organic mint extract. This incredibly multi-tasking ingredient not only replenishes and revitalizes hair and scalp, but also delivers a serious wake up call during your morning shower.

This gentle formula, intended for daily use, is further fortified with mango, papaya and blackberry extracts to enhance shine and improve your hair’s overall vitality.

Sensorial mint goes beyond a morning wake-up call. It’s perfect for active lifestyles and post-workout cleansing. The collection includes a shampoo and conditioner that will stick with you through the dog days of summer. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to feel fresh and clean all year long?

Jul 01 2014

SUMMER solutions for your hair

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Basics of summer hair repair – How to undo the damage of sun, salt water, chlorine and other summer hair hazards. Tips from Bella Vita & Z.One Concept Educator Jeffrey Perry.

The number one issue in the summer is pool water with too much chlorine, and the lake waters with algae and chemical buildup from our farm lands. So my first recommendation would be Deep Cleansing Shampoo after every swim, it is SLS free, cleansing the hair deeply but gently, maintaining the hair’s moisture balance. Follow with Active Milk Mask for restructuring dry and damaged hair or Active Yogurt Mask for conditioning natural and color treated hair. Then I recommend following with the delectable scent and detangling qualities of the Leave In Conditioner which also has Integrity 41 and vitamin E that protect from UV rays helping to maintain hair color.

Glistening Spray, a polishing spray for frizzy hair, gives shine, eliminates static electricity and improves manageability and helps to maintain the hair’s moisture balance and is essential for humid days!

When my clients are out in the blazing sun at a ball game or working in the yard, Milk_Shake Lifestyling products create a natural style and have UV filters that protect their hair color. 

There is also Sun & More’s four step program. All Over Shampoo for hair and body. Beauty Mask, a deep mask to be used after every shampoo. Pleasure Oil, an oil and emollient for hair and body. Restorer Milk nourishing and protective for all hair types, it softens and hydrates hair during and after sun exposure.

Enjoy your summer and Have Fun!

Jan 15 2014

New daily frequent shampoo and conditioner

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The unique moisturizing and protective properties of milk proteins combined with apple and sunflower seed extracts for the daily treatment of normal or dry hair.

 Two hair care products with just one thing in mind – the daily care of your hair. Whether it’s because you’re busy, sporty or an everyday party animal, milk_shake daily frequent shampoo and conditioner will take care of your hair gently and actively every day. Just cleanse and condition for perfect, detangled, conditioned and vibrant hair.

 Step 1: milk_shake® daily frequent shampoo

 A delicate shampoo with an SLS-free and paraben-free formula to hydrate and protect hair that needs frequent washing. With apple juice extract and milk proteins that cleanse and condition the hair gently, whilst Integrity 41® (sunflower seed extract) protects hair color.

Use: Apply to wet hair, distribute then rinse. Repeat if necessary. For increased conditioning and protection, follow with milk_shake® daily frequent conditioner.

 Step 2: milk_shake® daily frequent conditioner

Frequent use conditioner with moisturizing and protective properties. The paraben-free formula leaves the hair soft, vibrant, shiny and hydrated. With apple juice and milk proteins that condition and nourish the hair without weighing it down, whilst Integrity 41® (sunflower seed extract) protects hair color.

Use: Apply to clean damp hair, distribute, leave in for a few minutes if necessary, then rinse.

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Aug 05 2013

milk shake Integrity System

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milk_shake has launched a new product line called Integrity System, an innovative treatment system based on a very simple principle: to restore the hair’s natural elements. milk_shake Integrity System is an extraordinary system that gives immediate results making hair shiny, soft and healthy.

The active ingredient Muru Muru butter is rich with fatty acids that have a nourishing, smoothing and moisturizing effect on the hair. It’s also rich with vitamin A. It repairs, nourishes and restores the hair’s health and beauty. it penetrates the hair easily as it works in synergy with the hair’s proteins.

milk shake Integrity System transforms your hair immediately through the combined action of Muru Muru butter and Amino Acids Complex, a mix of plant amino acids developed to give damaged hair the right quantity of restructuring elements.

Amino Acids complex works inside and outside the hair, restoring and protecting the structure and visibly improving the condition of damaged hair. It has protective and polishing action on the surface of the cuticle, guaranteeing a silky and shiny result with soft and healthy hair. The hair’s surface is immediately polished and the final result is radiant and healthy hair.

Nourishment for FINE HAIR:

STEP 1 shampoo your hair with integrity system nourishing shampoo

STEP 2 apply integrity system nourishing conditioner over clean damp hair. Comb and leave in for 2-3 minutes. Rinse well.

Nourishment for VERY DAMAGED HAIR:

STEP 1 before washing the hair and while it’s still dry, spray the integrity booster over dry lengths and ends, dry the hair with a blow dryer

STEP 2 then rinse your hair with integrity system nourishing shampoo

STEP 3 distribute the entire content of integrity hair repairing treatment vial over clean wet hair, leave in for 5/10 minutes, then rinse

STEP 4 apply integrity system intensive treatment over clean damp hair. Leave in for 3-5 minutes, comb and rinse. For particularly damaged hair cover the hair with a cap and leave under a heat source for 5 minutes, cool off and then rinse.

Nourishment for COARSE HAIR:

STEP 1 heat in your palms and distribute the muru muru butter over dry lengths and ends, leave in for 3-5 minutes

STEP 2 then rinse your hair with integrity system nourishing shampoo

STEP 3 apply integrity system intensive treatment over clean damp hair. Leave in for 3-5 minutes, comb and rinse.

Nourishment for DRY/ DAMAGED HAIR:

STEP 1 before washing the hair and while it’s still dry, spray the integrity booster over dry lengths and ends, dry the hair with a blow dryer

STEP 2 then rinse your hair with integrity system nourishing shampoo

STEP 3 distribute the entire content of integrity hair repairing treatment vial over clean wet hair, leave in for 5/10 minutes, then rinse

STEP 4 apply integrity system nourishing conditioner over clean damp hair. Comb and leave in for 2-3 minutes. Rinse well.

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