New Products Added To Milkshake Lifestyling Line

milkshake Lifestyling

Now it’s easy to create an infinite variety of glamorous looks with the new milk_shake Lifestyling styling products. Whatever your style, milkshake Lifestyling is a styling product range that is the best solution to enhance your look. This range is perfect to define, give hold and transform hair in a few, simple steps, to create new, original and customized looks every day.

A new and glamorous styling product range created to satisfy the demands of hairdressers as well as client styling needs.

milk_shake lifestyling smoothing creamSMOOTHING CREAM
soft hold smoothing cream

A styling cream formulated to smoothen the cuticle, protect the hair during blow-drying, and give natural support. Keeps hair smoother for longer and counteracts frizz. Leaves hair soft and shiny without unwanted residue.

Use: dose the necessary quantity and apply by distributing over clean, damp hair. Proceed with styling. READ MORE HERE

milk-shake-lifestyling-shaping-foamSHAPING FOAM
medium hold styling foam

Creates volume and shape, protecting the hair during blow-drying. Gives body and natural control with flexible hold. For all hair types.

Use: shake well and dose the necessary quantity. Apply by distributing over clean, damp hair. Proceed with styling. READ MORE HERE

milk-shake -lifestyling-liquid-stylerLIQUID STYLER
styling and defining fluid

A versatile styling fluid, ideal to create definition and soft, flexible hold with a memory effect. Suitable for all hairstyles, to dry hair naturally, and for all hair types. Leaves hair full, soft and shiny.

Use: dose the necessary quantity and apply to clean, damp hair. Proceed with styling. Can be used after drying to strengthen the created curls. READ MORE HERE

milk-shake-lifestyling-texturizing-spritzTEXTURIZING SPRITZ
bodifying spray for hair

Bodifying formula with a matte finish that gives hold and creates “beachy” voluminous waves with shape control on all hair lengths. Protects the hair from color fading and dehydration. Particularly suitable for fine hair.

Use: spray over damp hair and leave to dry naturally for a casual look, work with a diffuser or brush and blow-dryer for a more defined, natural look. Spray over dry hair and shape with the hands for extra hold and volume. READ MORE HERE

milk-shake-lifestyling-styling-potionSTYLING POTION
conditioning and styling cream

Gives light support and an immediate conditioning effect to all hair types. Versatile and unique, it smoothens the cuticle of the hair, giving natural body.

Use: dose the necessary quantity and apply by distributing over clean, damp hair. Proceed with styling. READ MORE HERE

milkshake Lifestyling
Eco-friendly packaging

The aluminium and tinplate of the cans from the milkshake lifestyling range are permanently available resources: they can be recycled easily and indefinitely without losing their intrinsic qualities.

The plastic bottles from the milkshake lifestyling range contain a special additive that makes the packaging completely biodegradable (conforming with CE 94/62 EU regulations in reference to Aerobic Biodegradation).

The PP caps, tops and dispensers in the milkshake lifestyling range, if collected and recycled, can become new products, favoring the advancement of a dynamic and environmentally conscious society.

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