5 stunning fall hair color ideas

Fall is here and many of us are looking for an autumn color refresh. Whether you have blond, red or brown hair, there are hot new colors for every shade this season. Keep scrolling for fall hair color ideas that will brighten up your look.

1. Rich copper

Trade your buttery blonde locks for a rich copper this fall.

z.one concept Red Collection

2. Deep rich chocolate brown

In the cooler months, deep chocolate is a good choice to create sexy, mysterious look. No highlights needed, deep brown shades are rich and vibrant.

z.one concept Red Collection

3. Pearl Blonde

Refresh your cool blond color with soft pink pearl contrasts.

z.one concept Red Collection

4. Silver

Grey hair is no longer something to hide. If you are looking for a change and want to experiment, silver hue is the perfect look for you.

z.one concept Red Collection

5. High Contrast Violet

If you are looking for a bolder statement this fall, add high contrast violet peek-a-boo panels to your hair color.

z.one concept Red Collection

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