New daily frequent shampoo and conditioner


The unique moisturizing and protective properties of milk proteins combined with apple and sunflower seed extracts for the daily treatment of normal or dry hair.

 Two hair care products with just one thing in mind – the daily care of your hair. Whether it’s because you’re busy, sporty or an everyday party animal, milk_shake daily frequent shampoo and conditioner will take care of your hair gently and actively every day. Just cleanse and condition for perfect, detangled, conditioned and vibrant hair.

 Step 1: milk_shake® daily frequent shampoo

 A delicate shampoo with an SLS-free and paraben-free formula to hydrate and protect hair that needs frequent washing. With apple juice extract and milk proteins that cleanse and condition the hair gently, whilst Integrity 41® (sunflower seed extract) protects hair color.

Use: Apply to wet hair, distribute then rinse. Repeat if necessary. For increased conditioning and protection, follow with milk_shake® daily frequent conditioner.

 Step 2: milk_shake® daily frequent conditioner

Frequent use conditioner with moisturizing and protective properties. The paraben-free formula leaves the hair soft, vibrant, shiny and hydrated. With apple juice and milk proteins that condition and nourish the hair without weighing it down, whilst Integrity 41® (sunflower seed extract) protects hair color.

Use: Apply to clean damp hair, distribute, leave in for a few minutes if necessary, then rinse.

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