Curly Hair How-To: The Bohemian Look

Curly hair how to

To all who have dreamed of indulging your wanderlust and living the life less ordinary, this look is for you. Everything about this soft, romantically unstructured style invites visions of stunning vistas and open roads, an exciting new reality just waiting to be explored.

And for those of us who only come as close to taming the unknown wilds as watching the local birds battle it out on the feeder outside our kitchen-turned-office window…well, at least we can look a little more wild and free.

Like most good things worth having, this gorgeous curly hairstyle takes a little work. However, we’ve included a few tips and tricks below to make this pro-level look a little easier for the rest of us.  For those of us who were not blessed with a perfect halo of soft ringlets, the instructions below were created for naturally straight to wavy hair. For a curly-girl adaption, please scroll down a little further.

How to Re-Create the Bohemian Look on Natural Straight-Wavy Hair

What you’ll need:

*Using multiple barrel sizes will create  a more natural-looking curl pattern.

 milk_shake LifestylingStep 1: On clean damp hair, apply a dime to quarter sized amount of lifestyling curl shaper, depending on your hair length. Rub the product between your palms to warm and then apply evenly from mid-length to ends.

Step 2: Blow-dry your hair using a vent brush for added volume. Pull hair up and away from the scalp, pointing the dryer nozzle at your roots.

Step 3: Once your hair is fully dry, section it into 1/2-inch to 1” inch sections. Feel free to alternate between the two for a more natural-looking curl pattern

Step 4: Apply lifestyling medium hold hairspray.

Step 5: Curl each section, alternating the direction of the curls (i.e. towards v. away from your face) and pin each curl with a clip or bobby pin.*

* Note: The size of the curling iron barrel will depend on your hair length, but in general, using two or more different barrel sizes will give you a more natural looking curls.

Step 6: Once your entire head has been curled, spray evenly with lifestyling medium hold hairspray. Set the hairspray with your blow-dry on a low, cool setting.

Step 7: Unclip each curl and gently comb through with your fingers to separate.

Step 8: To add volume, lift each section and shake a little lifestyling powder pop on the root area.

Step 9: For the finished look, separate each section (or gently shake your head) and lightly spray a little more lifestyling medium hold hairspray.

Tips for those of us with a less than forgiving morning routine:

You can absolutely adapt this style for a busy morning. Simply follow steps 1-6 at night, cover your freshly pinned and sprayed curls with a satin bonnet (or scarf) and go to sleep. In the morning, you can follow up with steps 7-9, unclip, shake, powder, and spray and you are good to go in less than ten minutes.

How to Re-Create the Bohemian Look on Naturally Curly Hair

What You’ll Need:

curly hair how toStep 1: On clean damp hair, apply a quarter ( or more) sized amount of lifestyling curl shaper, depending on your hairs’ length and texture. Rub the product between your palms to warm and lightly scrunch through the hair, from ends to mid-length.

Step 2: Allow to air-dry or dry halfway with a diffuser, for added volume.

 Step 3: Once dry, lift curls in sections and apply lifestyling powder pop to the root area.

 Step 4: Mist evenly with lifestyling medium hold hairspray.

Note: You can absolutely follow the same “night before” steps listed above. Simply pin curl or twist and cover with a silk bonnet or scarf. In the morning, shake those curls out, apply lifestyling powder pop to your roots, mist withlifestyling medium hold hairspray and you’re all set!

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