Are you using the right amount of hair product?

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Whether or not you realize it, you’re probably using way too much product on your hair. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, we all do it. It’s just common sense to think that using more product will work better, right? If I use a little extra curl cream, maybe my ringlets will have a little extra bounce. If I spritz a little extra hairspray, my perfect pouf will stay perfectly poufy…longer!

This all makes perfect sense.

Except, it doesn’t really work like that. There are guidelines for how much product you should be using for a reason. While most packaging labels have some basic instructions on how much of their product to use, it’s typically not very specific, which makes it easy to use the wrong amount.

More isn’t really better.

Using more product, contrary to what may feel like common sense, won’t actually get you a better result. Actually, all you’ll get is limp, weighed down hair, scalp buildup and a higher budget for replacements.

Your hair can only hold so much, and any product that isn’t absorbed into the shaft will lie on top. This isn’t usually a problem, until it begins to weigh your hair down and cause it to look greasy or crunchy. Using the amount of product that is right for your hair can help you avoid that.

It’s also a lot more wasteful and expensive to use too much product. Let’s say that the amount of smoothing cream recommended for your hair type is the size of a quarter. If you are using a silver-dollar sized amount, you are using almost twice as much as you need and will burn through your supply twice as fast. which will cost you almost double in the long run.

Using up product at a rapid rate also contributes to more waste, which harms everyone.  In the interest of preserving the health of your hair, your wallet, and the planet, please use these guidelines for applying the right amount of product for your hair, in the most effective way.

***A NOTE ON HAIR TYPE: If your hair is fine or thin, you will want to drop one “level” in length category. If your hair is thick, jump up a level. For example, if you have long, thin hair, or short thick hair, you will want to use the amount listed under “medium length”. You will also want to use that amount if your hair is just actually medium length, and a relatively normal density.

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In the Shower


Apply the shampoo into the your palm of your hands, emulsify and then apply the product starting at the scalp moving to the ends. Massage, rinse and re-apply if necessary.

  • Short hair:  a nickel size
  • Medium length hair: a quarter size
  • Long hair: half-dollar size

Apply conditioner-to mid-length and ends, comb through out the hair, process 3-5 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

  • Short hair: dime to nickel size
  • Medium length hair: a quarter to half dollar size
  • Long hair: 1 or 2 half-dollar size

DID YOU KNOW? If you have short or fine hair, you don’t need to use the entire vial of Moisture Plus Treatment! Just invert the plastic tip of the vial to reseal it to use for your next application.

After the Shower

Leave In-Whipped Creams/ Color Whipped Creams:

Shake can well, point can downward and can bottom upwards and dispense a golf size ball* into your hand (wearing protective gloves if using Color Whipped Creams), emulsify and apply to mid -length to ends. Comb for even product distribution. *This amount works for all hair types and lengths.  

Pre-stylers/treatment styler: Apply to clean, damp hair that has been divided into sections. Comb through lengths to distribute evenly. For best results, apply before using any other styling products.

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Styling Products

Styling Lotions/Creams:

Apply to mid-length to ends, comb for even product distribution.

  • Short hair- dime to nickel size
  • Medium length hair- a quarter to half dollar size
  • Long hair-1 or 2 half-dollar size

Shake can well, point nozzle downward dispense a golf ball sized amount into your hand, emulsify. For volume, apply on the roots, mid-length to ends and comb through. Then use a blow-dryer and round brush to create the volume. For smoothing, apply mid-length to ends, comb, use a blow-dryer and round brush to create tensions and straighten hair as you point the dryer nozzle downward. For textured or curly hair apply from mid-length to ends and use a diffuser for added volume and definition.


Apply to mid-length to ends, comb for even product distribution.

  • Short hair: dime to nickel size
  • Medium length hair: a quarter to half dollar size
  • Long hair: 1 or 2 half-dollar size
Curl Products:

Apply to mid-length to ends, comb for even product distribution. If more hold is desired apply desired styling product. Proceed with styling.

  • Short hair: dime to nickel size
  • Medium length hair: a quarter to half dollar size
  • Long hair: 1 or 2 half-dollar size

Apply a dime-sized portion of pomade to your fingertips. Rub it between your hands and comb your fingers through your hair, concentrating on the ends.

*NOTE: You may want to do this in sections, starting with the sides of your head and then the back and top. This routine will help you apply the product evenly.

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